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Nestled in between coastal mountains, incredible fjords and the inside passage – Glacier Bay is a remote wilderness experience you don’t want to miss. On top of learning or further developing your hospitality skills in one of the most beautiful places in the world, the recreation and sightseeing opportunities are endless!

If you prefer the water, employees at Glacier Bay National Park have an opportunity to see marine wildlife including Orca and Humpback whales, Stellar Sea Lions, Dall Porpoises, Sea Otters, and Harbor Seals. Land based wildlife includes Moose, Black and Brown Bear, Wolves, Coyotes, and Mountain Goats. Glacier Bay National Park is also host to thousands of sea birds who nest in the protected waters. The park is perfectly suited for exploration by sea kayak, but also provides some great hiking opportunities of which the views just can’t be beat.

Located at the top of the "Panhandle" in Southeast Alaska, Glacier Bay National Park is a Crown Jewel of the National Park Service. Working here gives you immediate access to a high concentration of active tidewater glaciers and marine wildlife. Approximately 60 employees will live and work here during the summer months to support the Lodge and Tour operations.


There are a variety of positions available at Glacier Bay National Park. These positions include: restaurant workers, maintenance, front desk, gift shop, housekeeping, warehouse, and CDL drivers.


Dress Code:

Dress, grooming and personal cleanliness standards contribute to the morale of all employees and affect the business image we present to our guests.  As a representative of ARAMARK Parks and Destinations, all employees must follow the grooming standards as a basic condition of employment.

Employees are expected to dress in the appropriate clean and pressed uniform and present a clean and neat appearance. Extreme hairstyles and colors are not permitted.  Hair must be clean, combed and well groomed at all times, no non-natural styles or colors.  Long hair must be tied back out of your face and beards may not exceed two inches in length.

Jewelry worn on the job must be conservative, in good taste, appropriate to working attire and not conflict with job related safety standards.  Visible body piercing, with the exception of ears, is unacceptable.

Some positions require you to bring your own black pants, belts, or other parts of your uniform. Jeans, cargo pants, sweatpants, and tight fitting stretch pants are not acceptable.  All employees are required to provide black nonslip shoes and wear them while on duty.

The required uniform must be worn at all times while on the job. Open toed shoes and clogs are not acceptable. Employees are required to keep uniforms clean and pressed. Company uniforms, nametags, jackets and hats may NOT be worn off duty. Colored jeans and cargo pants are not an acceptable substitute for black pants.


Contact Us:

Human Resources Manager 907-697-4050

General Manager 907-697-4010

Questions prior to Mid-May contact Jeffrey Huffman at huffman-jeffrey@aramark.com

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Alaska Parks and Destinations | Glacier Bay Lodge | Work Here | Live Here | Play Here

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