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Mesa Verde has fascinating secrets. Elaborate stonework, delicate artifacts, and ceremonial kivas dug deep into the earth. Discover the D-shape of the ceremonial Sun Temple. Investigate the geometric patterns on paintings inside Cliff Palace. Examine the dance plaza of the Fire Temple. Climb a hand-hewn 32-foot ladder at Balcony house. Survey the panoramic views from four-story towers and crawl through 12-foot stone exit tunnels. All are the mysteries of Mesa Verde National Park - exceptionally unique and distinct and like no other place in the world!


Today the park attracts over 500,000 visitors annually, who travel to explore ancient treasures and spectacular cliff dwellings in our nation's largest and richest archeological preserve, and to take an unforgettable journey back to the dawn of America's heritage and history.

Open from April 20 – October20, 2013, the lodge at Mesa Verde offers 150 rustic rooms, fine and casual dining, on-site tours, retail stores, a 350-site campground with a pancake breakfast, and endless walking trails. Spanning over 81.4 square miles, with over 4,000 archaeological sites and over 600 cliff dwellings it’s easy to understand why Mesa Verde has been designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site.


Situated just across the highway from the entrance to Mesa Verde National Park, the employee shuttle offers complimentary rides to the following park locations: Mesa Verde National Park Visitor Center & Museum,  Far View Lodge & Far View Terrace ,and Spruce Tree Terrace & Morefield Campground.


Dress Code:

All employees are expected to dress in the appropriate clean and pressed uniform and present a clean and neat appearance.

Extreme hairstyles and colors are not permitted. Hair must be clean, combed and well groomed at all times, no non-natural styles or colors. Long hair must be tied back out of your face. Beards may not exceed two inches in length.

Jewelry worn on the job must be conservative, in good taste, appropriate to working attire and not conflict with job related safety standards. Visible body piercing, with the exception of ears, is unacceptable.  No more than 1” dangle for earrings.

Housekeeping and Dishwasher

Employees are required to provide khaki pants and black, non-slip shoes (shoesforcrews.com). ARAMARK will provide uniform shirt, and name tag.

Transportation and Tour Guides

Employees are required to provide khaki pants and black, polishable, non-slip shoes (shoesforcrews.com). ARAMARK will provide uniform shirt, and name tag.

Retail, Barista, and Front Desk

Employees are required to provide khaki pants and black, non-slip shoes (shoesforcrews.com). ARAMARK will provide uniform shirt, name tag, and aprons for baristas.

Front of House F&B

Employee are required to provide black dress pants, and black non-slip shoes (shoesforcrews.com). ARAMARK will provide uniform shirts, aprons, and name tag.

Back of House F&B

Employees are required to provide black non-slip shoes (shoesforcrews.com) black chef pants, and black chef jackets. ARAMARK will provide uniform shirts, aprons, ball caps, and name tags



When will I get paid?

Paychecks are delivered every Thursday.  Please note that it may take up to 2 weeks to receive your first check.  Please plan accordingly.

Can I get direct deposit?

We strongly encourage employees to receive their paychecks via direct deposit. There are numerous benefits to this.  You get paid faster (paychecks get direct deposited into your account on Thursdays) than receiving a paper check and you will not need to keep large amounts of cash on you or in your room.

How do I sign up for Direct Deposit?

You must provide a blank voided check or a letter from your bank to the payroll department (no exceptions).  It will normally take 2-4 pay periods before direct deposit will be activated.  You will receive a paper check in the meantime.  Mancos Valley Bank in Mancos and Cortez, CO is available for those who want to open an account once they are at the Park. They offer a free checking account with direct deposit.

Mesa Verde Lingo

  • PLO:  Point Look Out, where the majority of the employee housing is located along with the administrative office and warehouse.
  • FVL:  Far View Lodge, where the Metate Room is located.
  • FVT:  Far View Terrace, where the food court and espresso bar is located.  Also known as “The Terrace”.
  • STT:  Spruce Tree Terrace, where the patio grill is located.
  • MFV:  Morefield Village, where the campground and pancake breakfast is located.  Majority of the hiking trails in the park.
  • WOB’s:  With Out Bath cabins.
  • GD:  Girls Dorm, located in the park by FVT.
  • “Be the D”:  Stands for “Be the Difference”, a phrase used to reinforce our Guest Service Philosophy
  • Half Day Tours:  ARAMARK tours offered that take guests to multiple cliff dwelling sites, not to be confused with NPS tours.
  • NPS:  National Park Services, our client who we serve.
  • LE’s:  NPS Law Enforcement Rangers.
  • HR: Human Resources
  • F&B: Food & Beverage
  • J-1’s:  International Culinary Students


Contact Us:

Violet Kelley, 970.564.4302 Kelley-Violet@aramark.com

Janice Greene, 970-564-4281 greene-janice@aramark.com

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Mesa Verde National Park | Work Here | Live Here | Play Here

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